Meditational Healing

What  meditation?

 If you’re brand new to meditation it is easy to get a little overwhelmed by idea that you should train for years to achieve any expertise or to gain any benefit from this ancient practice.

Many people imagine that meditation requires one to sit cross-legged on a pillow in silence for hours on end, and for those on specific spiritual paths this can be quite true.  But for guided meditations all you need is a basic desire to relax, and the rest is done for you.

Guided meditation is quite simply what is says. “A meditation with the help of a guide”.

It is  probably one of the most entertaining and enjoyable ways to experience a state of deep relaxation. It is safe and powerful relaxation technique that is very popular in our busy world. It’s effortless, utterly relaxing, and just a little bit fun!

Soothing sounds and a gentle voice will guide you through the process, drawing special attention to your breath and internal gaze, instead of all the chatter in your mind.  And the guiding voice will tell you where and how to bring attention in your body, help you elongate a stressed-out breathing pattern, and allow you to relax deep into the moment.

Guided meditations can be a huge help in dealing wth anxiety and can help you to release yourself from a contracted state of fear, and experience clarity and peace of mind.  Though anxiety can be such a life-sapping and persistent condition, it is something that you can learn to manage and eventually overcome.

Meditation is one way to find the feeling of calmness and freedom that you are looking for. It is one of the simplest ways to eliminate stress and bring about positive personal changes.

What to expect during a guided meditation

  • First of all find a comfortable pose. This may be sitting in a chair, or lying on a yoga mat. You may even adopt a traditional meditation pose (or lotus position). When your guide is sure you are settled you may be ‘counted down’ to relaxation.
  • Then comes the physical relaxation phase where you may be given some sitting/lying stretches to ease your muscles s into a relaxed state; working from the toes, to the feet, then calves.
  • Once your are physically relaxed, you will be reconnected with the Source. This can follow a religious or spiritual tradition, but imagining you are surrounded by brilliant light generally works well for most people.
  • Now comes the real “core” of the guided meditation. You will be ‘talked’ along a ‘journey’. It can begin in any environment ; a hallway full of doors or a clearing in the woods or a tranquil beach are classic examples. You may meet people along the way or traverse different terrains, find gifts, release unwanted baggage, and so on. Once the journey has achieved its prime purpose you will travel back to your starting point.
  • Your guide will gently remind you of the awareness of your physical body, and surroundings. At the end, tell you will be asked to open your eyes when you are ready, and the meditation journey is done.

It is always a good idea to relax for a half hour before you drive or exert excessive energy. All of that said, relax and have fun! Meditation is serious business, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room to enjoy it. Try a few guided meditation and see how they work for you.

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