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Nick Nightmare Trailer

see the trailer for the award winning Nick Nightmare Investigate by Adrian Cole   HERE

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Promo Vid for Urban Mythic 2

My promo vid for Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 is now up on Youtube HERE



Give Me These Moments Back promo video

Dub 2Give Me These Moments Back by Mike Chinn – youtube!

The Alchemy Press

Here are eighteen stories that range from the depths of the Pacific, the cruel charms of Venice, the price of immortality, to the Appalachian Mountains… Give Me These Moments Back by Mike Chinn is now available.

A ring of external spotlights flared to life, revealing the floor of the Mariana Trench a few metres below us. The backwash filled the observation room with a cold grey light… As one, they gasped at the sight. I didn’t blame them – even though I’d seen it dozens of times, it still caught the back of my throat.

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Youtube Film for Leinster Gardens!

Super excited to see the YouTube promo for Leinster Gardens  and Other Subtleties – made by the inimitable Mike Chinn!

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Give Me These Moments

Give Me These Moments Back, a new collection by Mike Chinn coming soon! Watch the video and wish time flies…  HERE

The first of (we hope) several videos on the new Alchemy Press You Tube channel.


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