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May I present my May

I have a busy month ahead with writing and other ‘stuff’. may

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A whole month since I last posted – (bad blogger!)

Finally decided that I need to use my skills out in the wider world – so  I do have a new sister-page  for you all to view – it is still under construction but take a  peek!


That Obligatory Round-up…

Round-ups of the year are always tricky. We all receive those missives with Christmas cards from the perfect family who will tell you how they hiked nude to the South Pole, solved world debt. And then in February…

Well… maybe I exaggerate… but bearing  those in mind I take up my keyboard in some trepidation and begin to type. Continue reading


I have used meditation for years, mostly for my own benefit, both for relaxation and spiritual purposes. I  have led guided meditations for others, and use the technique of visualisation often in conjunction with my Reiki sessions.

Meditation has become important to me. Learning it has been an organic process and I can’t recall where or when I first began on the journey, but I do know how much it has helped me in fighting both ME and fibromyalgia, so the arrival in the post of my Diploma in Healing Meditation Techniques is huge. I mean really huge.  

Odd how something that is a big part of me, that I perhaps even take for granted at times, suddenly achieves a level of validation with the certificate I took from the envelope.

Few people are going to look at it but me, and it isn’t important to most, yet the sense of validation is not less significant because of that.

Yah me!