An Extract From ‘Drawing Down The Moon’ #fiction #fables&fabrications #horror

In the light (  🙂 ) of this week’s supermoon… An extract from ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ – one of the creepy tales to be  found in my collection Fables and Fabrications.  (Available in paper and kindle formats) *** …She breathed in ozone-laden moisture and remembered how she had stood on the hillside within the… Read More An Extract From ‘Drawing Down The Moon’ #fiction #fables&fabrications #horror

6Towns today

I shall be on 6Towns radio, along with writer, Misha Herwin, talking about our books Fables and Fabrications and Picking up the Pieces with The Curtain Call Show’s ‘Becs and Rob’. Pick us up online here between 4.45 and 5.15! (give or take a few minutes 🙂  )

Fables 5 Star Review

A fabulous review on Goodreads (and Amazon) for Fables and Fabrications appeared today! “A delicious smorgasbord of short stories…” “…varied and fascinating collection with something for all tastes.” Comments like these could turn a girl’s head!

Fables on Murder, Mayhem and More

An excellent review for  Fables and Fabrications on Murder Mayhem and More. “Compact chronicles, seemingly distilling the detail and energy from an entire novel into a condensed, compelling form …  (Edwards)  expertly blends matter-of-fact everyday reality with far-fetched and fanciful notions that somehow seem entirely credible.”  


I love cats and have included two cat stories in Fables and Fabrication.  One of the things I like about cats is their inscrutability and independence.  Whatever they might try to convince you of  a cat deigns to liver with you, and unless you lock the doors and windows a better offer from the house down the road will… Read More Pre-fables

Fables and Fabrications : Avast there!

‘Damnation Seize My Soul’ ,  another tale appearing in Fables and Fabrications, is all about Pirates – or is it… True, it was intended to be a straight pirate tale, but somehow it got tangled up with the age-old idea of a Universal Hero being washed through the eons on the twin currents of revenge and justice, making  Mercedeys Benks… Read More Fables and Fabrications : Avast there!