Book #3 : Listed Dead

listed-dead smallListed Dead : Bunch Courtney Investigation #3

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Listed Dead continues Bunch Courtney’s investigations into November 1940.

“Claude Naysmith’s fatal car crash occurs on the borders of the Perringham Estate and Bunch Courtney can hardly avoid being drawn into events. When the body of Penelope James is found just a few miles away, clutching a list of names that includes both herself and Naysmith, Bunch and Wright are left wondering. Could this be a hit list? Is it sheer coincidence? Since neither Bunch nor DCI Wright believe in coincidences they must throw their combined efforts into the investigation before any more of those names wind up on the mortuary slab.”

Listed Dead by Jan Edwards : “Rich in wartime atmosphere, high on murder-mystery tension. A deeply satisfying thriller, which takes you back to the 1940s in the most vivid way.” Paul Finch, March 2021

Available in paper ISBN-13: 978-1916437371 and most digital formats