Bunch Courtney Investigations: Award-winning Crime Series

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Rose ‘Bunch’ Courtney and Chief Inspector William Wright investigating crime in the very heart of the Sussex Downs – all in the midst of the turbulent years of WW2


I am very fond of Rose ‘Bunch’ Courtney and all of her friends and family. It goes without saying that none of those Courtneys or Tinsleys and allied beings have ever existed, but I hope they feel as real to you the reader as they do to me as I am writing them

Likewise Perringham House and the villages of Wyncombe and Chiltwick  do not exist anywhere beyond my fevered imagination. They hover somewhere on the Sussex Downs, not so very far from Worthing, as a land that never was. The same rules apply to the estates of Perringham, Banyard and Hascombe.

Some of the surroundings towns however, are real enough, though you will spot if you happen to live there, or even go to visit. I shall fess up now and admit that tweaks to streets and historic buildings have been made, and all entirely to suit my plots!  My sincere and abject apologies to my fellow Sussexonians for taking liberties with the most beautiful county in England, and to anyone who might visit the various landmarks hoping to locate the spots where events took place.

I do try to keep my research in regard to history as accurate as is possible but I am fallible, and also on occasion play a little fast and loose where the stories seem to need it.