Bunch Courtney Investigations: WW2 Crime Series

Award-winning crime series starring Rose ‘Bunch’ Courtney and Chief Inspector William Wright : investigating crime at the very heart of the Sussex Downs in the turbulent years of WW2


Welcome to the world of  Rose ‘Bunch’ Courtney!
Frequently asked questions:
1/ Where is Wyncombe?

Towns such as Worthing, Storrington, Chichester, Brighton are real and worth seeing, but the villages of Wyncombe and Chiltwick (and a few more besides)  do not exist beyond my fevered imagination.  Perringham House and Banyard Manor are entirely fictional. My sincere and abject apologies for taking liberties with the most beautiful county in England, and to anyone who have visited the various landmarks hoping to locate the spots where events took place.

2/ How much research do you do?

Short answer is – a lot! I try to keep Bunch’s world as accurate as I possibly can, not just with the artefacts and language of the era but also with backdrop of historical events against which Bunch’s investigations are set. I do admit to playing a little fast and loose with certain details concerning the logistics and locations of the Sussex Constabularies – apologies to the many historians out there!

Drop me a line sometime and tell me what it is you like most about Bunch Courtney’s Investigations!