One-Pound Plants – Barry Lillie

Barry Lillie

We all like it when we think we’ve got a bargain and it turns out to be just that.

Last year at the close of our allotment plant sale I purchased a sickly looking perennial cornflower and two pathetic looking lupins. These had been overlooked by the people visiting the site to buy summer bedding and veg plants and would have been consigned to the compost heap if unsold. So I put my hand in my pocket and paid my quid and brought them home.

For the first year they sat doing very little but looking sorry for themselves but this year they have proven to have been a canny purchase.

The cornflower has been flowering for several weeks and is now going over after feeding so many bees, and now the lupins have come into their own.

I’ve never had much luck with lupins but this pink one is…

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