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To ‘normal’ folk it may seem odd to wax lyrical about a humble slice of bread but believe me, when a simple cheese sandwich has been a nightmare of tiny squares of (apparent) plastic foam or rubberised chalk – having something that genuinely approximates bread as we know it is…


Promise produce a range of Gluten Free breads, and all of ones that I have tried so far have been equally good. If you are a GF/Wheat free bod and have yet to try this brand – do!

It has a good open texture that is moist without being ‘claggy’. There is a discernible bread flavour and best of all it does not fall into friable pieces when removed from the packaging.  You would be hard pressed to tell it from wheat bread on first contact.


Finally I can make a proper ham (or cheese) salad sandwich that won’t disintegrate the moment I pick it up!

Sadly the brand is not always easy to obtain here in the wilds of North Staffordshire, where genius and schar appear to rule unopposed in most local supermarkets –  both of which (IMHO) have slices that are too small to make a ‘proper’ sandwich, with crumbly textures, excessive sugar and/or chalk flavours that for me at least leave something  to be desired.

I shall be buying more Promise next time I see it and will be filling the freezer!

That is a Promise!

Marked 10/10


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