On ‘A Thousand Words a Day!’ Misha Herwin #writing #amwriting

Misha Herwin

In cases of murder

A Thousand Words a Day!

It was this blog post https://janedwardsblog.wordpress.com/2023/05/08/one-k-per-day-amwriting-writing-bunchcourtney-crimefiction/ by friend and fellow author, Jan Edwards that set me musing on this. Even after all these decades of writing I’m still searching for my ideal work pattern and the idea of a daily word count certainly has its attractions. To be honest I’ve done it before and have to confess that it wasn’t long before I gave up.

Unlike many people I know, even in the full flow of creativity, I simply can’t sit at my computer for any great length of time. It’s not a physical thing. I’m perfectly comfortable at my desk, more a matter of attention span. Twenty minutes/half an hour and I’m fine; any longer and my mind begins to wander. If I then go and do something else, I find that the writing goes on in head and I come back refreshed and…

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