Maddy and the SATS – Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

Maddy illustrating Poppy and Amelia B

Maddy is taking her English SATS paper today. A nasty mechanistic way of supposedly testing children, where a child can marked down if one part of a three part question is wrong. So no credit for what they can do!

Fronted adverbials, whatever they are, will have to be used along with phrases like, “she shouted” and every other variety of how a person might speak, rather than the plain “he or she said” which is seen as much better writing style. And heaven help the candidate who might omit any of these and simply use the much more sophisticated technique of making it so obvious who is speaking that no names or pronouns need to be used.

No credit is given for love of language, or creativity.

This is all so different from the way in which we wrote the Poppy and Amelia books. There story mattered and so…

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