Writing is a Craft! #amwriting #bunchcourtney #wordofmouth

Yesterday Peter, Misha and I set up our collective stall at a local craft/makers market at the Minton Hall which was a small affair but  so very local it seemed to good an event to miss.  It was quiet and doubtless the damp and drizzly weather didn’t help there, but it was surprisingly good on sales. I have been to far larger events done far worse 🙂

If nothing else these events are always a few hours well spent in good company with a chance to spread the word!

As it was a crafters market we were, unsurprisingly, the only writers there. Now this is odd when you think about it because we writers are often telling each other how writing is very much a craft. Perhaps local events are something for us small presses and indies need to consider far more than we do – provided its an indoor venue, naturally. Books would not have fared too well had we been out in the elements!

Like many people I have got out of the habit of setting out my stall since the dreaded covid arrived and looking back at my events diary realise how few I have been to since then.

So much easier to sit at home and sell to a wider audience… yet I and many others find the chaos of online selling has become such an overwhelming.. for want of a better word – chore. Every sale must be fought for like mammy bear – yet though being ‘out there’ is essential there is also a place for these small face-to-face events; those local things that are held in the local village hall or equivalent. They are as important because its another chance to get our names and faces out there and the cost of a table is usually under a tenner!

I will be at a far larger ‘Author Signing’ event in Birmingham 15th July and know it will be a very different vibe.  The Council House in Victoria Square, Birmingham  – right there in the centre of a big city (just by the Floosie for those who know Brum)  with passing trade that is very different from the Minton hall, tucked away behind the parish church in one of Stoke’s quieter suburbs.  Yet no less important. Word of mouth for any author can fire up from the most unexpected places. It only needs one enthusiastic reader to buy something locally and sing its praises on Mumsnet or similar to have ignition.

Before the Brum event there will be EdgeLit 9 – Derby. 8th July at The Quad, Derby. More horror than crime orientated but looking forward to that as I know many old friends will be there and that always makes a good day out – which is important.

I love eventing once I am there in the midst of it all, even though I always have a degree of trepidation before hand. We are putting our hearts and souls out there on display and no matter how hard-headed and businesslike we like to appear – writing is a craft. We do it with as much love and care as the finest of lace or most elegant silver jewellery and those sales are just the icing on the top.

That said… you can find links for points of sale for all of my books here   – just click on the right title 🙂  Or message me to buy direct!


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