Three Generations of Writers – Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

3 generations of writers


It was Mike who pointed it out, when I was packing books for the Minton Makers Market. There were shiny new copies of “Yet More Adventures of Poppy and Amelia” written by granddaughter Maddy and me as well as my novels and I had included some of “We Were Lucky” my mum’s memoir.

Mum had been born and brought up in what was then Lvov and is now Lviv, which was invaded by the Russians in WW2 and her story has strong links with what is now happening in Ukraine, so I thought it would be would be relevant to readers outside the family.

Which is how on Sunday, we had on our stall books by Maddy, her grandmother and great-grandmother. Three generations of writers. (Four if we include the preface to “We Were Lucky” written by my son David)

I only wish Mum could have been there to…

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