Sliced Bread one out of ten : Wheat Free @Tesco #glutenfree #wheatfree

I  resorted to rice cakes for lunch because my loaf of Tesco gluten free brown bread was a crumbling mess!

It was not stale – bought yesterday and  well in date – but other than the solid end slices every single slice fell into pieces as it was removed from the packaging.  I have had this happen before with GF breads, and most often with brown varieties.

At £1.95 for a loaf – against a small hovis loaf  at £1.20 – this is not good. Especially when none of that loaf is edible! It can’t even be toasted and smeared with marmite or humous to make it taste of something (which it doesn’t on its own)

Badly done tesco –  I cannot afford to throw money at you this way!

Rated 1/10 – and that is me being generous!


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