Books for Boys and Books for Girls : Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin


“Yet More Adventures of Poppy and Amelia” is out in the world. This is the third book in the series written with my granddaughter Maddy and fans and supporters have already put in their orders or purchased their copies.

What’s been great, apart from the amount of money that we’ve raised for Blood Cancer UK, is the number of adults that have read and enjoyed the stories.

This crossover is now taken for granted. However, while what adults read has become more flexible and there’s no longer any need to hide the cover of your Harry Potter under another book, as was done in the very early days of the boy wizard, the same thing doesn’t seem to apply to books for boys and books for girls.

I don’t want to enter the debate about gender. What interests me is, is the idea that there are books that are seen…

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