Sneaking up on the Word Wheel – Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

ke-vin-Cat Hunting

Every morning in our house, while I’m doing the breakfast Mike downloads and prints out the puzzles from The Times. There’s the Suduko for him (difficult and fiendish) and the Word Wheel for me.

Then over bowls of muesli, a pot of tea, for me, and a cup of coffee for him, we put ourselves through our individual brain gyms.

My target is always to find the number of words that put me in the average category. Once I’ve achieved this, I might go on to good, or even very good, but if I don’t manage that at least I’ve jumped the first hurdle.

Some mornings I romp through and have finished before the teapot is empty. Other days the process takes far more time. Typically, I’ll get quite close to my target and then come to a complete stop.

I used to keep staring at the page, or looking…

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