International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and, after watching a rerun of the excellent film Suffragette, made in 2015, I found myself comparing the lot of women in my own family.

Both grandmothers born in the 1890s

  • 1870 = Married women legally allowed to keep their own earnings.
  • 1882 = Married women allowed to own property
  • 1891 = Right for men to beat their wives removed.
  • 1918 = Women over 30 who met property qualifications given the vote.

Mother born on 1922

  • 1928 = women over 21 given same voting rights as men

I was born in 1954

  • 1969 = voting age in UK reduced to 18
  • 1970 = An Equal Pay Act is finally passed
  • 1975 = The Sex Discrimination Act – illegal to discriminate against women in employment, education and training.
    (note 5 years where equal pay act was basically ignored.)
  • 1980 = Finally qualified as a Master Locksmith in the all-male MLA after quoting the above acts.

Women’s rights have come a long way in law, and still have some distance to go, since my Nan’s birth. They should never be taken for granted.


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