Vampires v Gargoyles – Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

Dark Castle

For the past few weeks I’ve been dividing my time between two works in progress. One is virtually ready for publishing. The other is still in the process of being written.

Moving between Victorian smogs and bloodsucking vampires is quite a challenge.

“A Gathering of Gargoyles” is the fifth book in the series “The Adventures of Letty Parker” set once again in my alternative Victorian Bristol it focuses on the dragons and gargoyles of the city. Both sets of creatures are to be found on the roofs of churches and houses, some dragons even take on the guise of doorknockers, but at night, they come to life. The dragons seek out the “’nappings, slittings and slayings” that happen in the dark places of the city and bring back tales of blood and gore to the waiting gargoyles.

The other book, number three in the series of the “Awesome Adventures of…

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