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IN CASES OF MURDER 006bI am not sure of its amusing or frustrating how some words never quite stick in my poor dyslexic brain. Not the spoken words but the written.

Once typed onto the page I stare at them and question every time and have no idea why. Word has not underscored it in lurid red or highlighted it in blue as suspect grammar, so why is Brain insisting that its Word that is wrong?

Occasionally there are transatlantic differences. The use of ‘Z’s for example, as in sympathise V sympathize.

I seldom have trouble with those ei V ie words, yet whenever I type ‘their’  I invariably pause with a quizzical frown. Brain is telling Fingers to type thier – even though Brain know full well how their is spelled – with an EI  and not IE – so why does Brain always tell me that it looks wrong?

3 bunchesThis week I am in the process of re-editing the first three of my Bunch Courtney WW2 crime titles – which I intend to re-issue as a special single volume to coincide with the launch of  In Cases of Murder – Bunch Courtney Investigation #4 on 1st December 2022.

d6eeaa5bdb0158e43d184c306ad19207In the course of this marathon edit I keep stumbling over Wolseley.  Now those of you who have followed the Bunch series may recall that this was the make of car most commonly used by British Police in the 1940s, and was a common make of saloon car right up until the brand ceased to exist in 1975. I know the car. My best friend had a Wolseley  in  its iconic 2-tone green livery. Yet every time the vehicle is mentioned by name my brain tells me to type Wolesley – and I sit and stare at that red underscore for a full three seconds wondering why.

The dyslexic brain is never more of a mystery  than to those who possess one!

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