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Several requests for my recipe for Air Fryer veg fritters

308499564_10160197671806460_6697266205281711284_nAir fried Courgette Fritters

1 large courgette (approx. 275g) (or veg of choice)
3 tbs plain flour  (can substitute with Gram flour if preferred but does alter the texture)
1 tsp ground cumin  and 1 tsp ground coriander (vary spices to taste. Smoked paprika is a good choice or else add a little finely chopped chilli)
1 beaten egg
100g crumbled feta cheese
Salt to taste
Veg oil of choice

Grate courgette and squeeze out as much moisture as possible – this is important as soggy veg will not cook well. (You can use any grated  veg – for example I often mix in carrot or winter squash. Its also a good way of using up cooked leftover veg)
Mix dry ingredients and mix with veg in a large bowl.
Mix in cheese
Add egg and  mix well. If the mix is wet add a little more flour.
Mould into patties and brush lightly (or spray) on both side with a little oil (garlic oil is a good one for added flavour)
Pre heat air fryer
Cook patties at 280c for 8 mins and turn over – cook until starting to brown.


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