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runner-beans-ray-laceyscience-photo-libraryAugust has been slow in regard to new work.  I could blame the exceptional heat over the past weeks. And yes, the allotment has been in full harvest mode meaning I have been busy picking and freezing various crops for the coming winter, and  making pickles etc. (I think we have enough beans to last until next august!) Yes, I have also been busy editing a novel for Misha Herwin but that is always a pleasure and not a delay by any means.

The real culprit is a full body immersion in final edit mode for the next Bunch Courtney Investigation #4 – In Cases of Murder, (cover reveal to come soon!). This stage of the production becomes so consuming as every word is chewed up and spat back out onto the page (or not as the case may be) that getting my head into ‘new words’ mode is always harder than ever.

Sometimes I can switch to writing short fiction but even that has deserted me as I wait with baited breath for his final, final, final, do not dare change another word because this needs to be with Ingrams by the end of this week! edit to come back from the lovely Peter Coleborn!

paintSo…   today I found myself indulging in a classic last resort display of displacement activity…  I painted the outside of the conservatory windows!!!

I am not the greatest painted and decorator in the world – squeezing down the  gap between the windows and fence on the RHS was fun and games –  but while Peter was slaving away on that elusive final version I was happily sloshing paint about. Yes – I know – once its dry I shall need to go round the window edges with a scraper because I am too impatient to bother about masking tape – but hey! its done now before the autumn rains set in.

With time to spare… I gather there are just two chapters still to go under the knife!

april 2020 banner_edited-2


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