Having the Grandkids to Stay

Misha Herwin

At the park

All in all, I’m loving having them. Not just because I think they are the most brilliant grandkids ever, but also because it makes me realise what is really important in life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in whether the books are doing well, or this short story will be accepted, or is my work in progress total rubbish, having Maddy and Ollie to stay puts all that in perspective.

It’s a pause, a whirlwind of activity followed by moments of intense quiet. Having the grandkids to stay for a few days in the summer holidays puts everything else on hold. The writing comes to a halt. Except for this blog squeezed in while they are still asleep, there is no time even to think about the current/next project. Having said that, a sneeze has led Maddy, Ollie and me to start a story about a…

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