Why we need our Libraries

Misha Herwin

Wisdom in old shelves and books. Wisdom in old shelves and books.

Our public libraries are in danger. Many of them have already been shut by local councils, or are limping on run by volunteers. Nothing wrong with volunteers but they don’t have the expertise of trained librarians. Not that there are many of those around these days in the cash strapped UK.

Why does this matter?

Well, libraries are much more than places where people borrow books. At the library people who don’t have, or can’t afford a laptop or smart phone can access the internet and they can get help with IT if they need it. There is information on what is going on locally. And there are groups to join, Knit and Natter, Story Time for toddlers, holiday activities for older kids among many others.

Our local library was where our creative writing group used to meet on a Saturday afternoon and where…

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