Book of the Dead reviewed

Alchemy Press Book of the Dead 2021! Review

The Alchemy Press

The Book of the Dead 2021, compiled by Stephen Jones, has been reviewed in the Birmingham SF Group‘s Newsletter:

There are some genre yearbooks which I’m sure most of us would love to find our way into. The variously titled Year’s Best… or Best New… for instance, collections that reprint the editors’ personal choices from the previous year’s published short fantasy, horror or science fiction. However, it’s a fair guess that The Alchemy Press Book of the Dead is unlikely to be one of them.

The first volume was published in 2021, collecting obituaries that Stephen Jones had begun posting on Facebook during the Covid-19 pandemic (which had a hand in far too many of the deaths posted), announcing the passing of well-known (and often not so well-known) names from film, television, music, the written word and genre fandom. Volume two continues this exhaustive pattern (there…

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