Courtyard Gardener’s Allotment :Got it Covered! @Mishaherwin @BarryLillie1

Today was about covering fruit!

DSC_2517The redcurrants are barely beginning to colour and already the pigeons have stripped half the crop – and discarded it because it is still green/white and inedible.

So up goes the metal frame that I have had for many years now.  I have put it together single-handed – but so much easier when there were two of us!

At least now the damned birds can’t filch the rest!

Meanwhile the first strawberry – which had barely blushed pink on one side – had been destroyed. 

DSC_2514So it was into the shed and Peter cut some lengths of piping to make netting support hoops.

We then tied the sides of the net to poles so that we could lift and lower as required.

Pigeons are a pain in the rear. Nor for nothing did my father – who kept the gardens for the Heinemann estate at Kingswood – call themk flying rats.

DSC_2516Then came the tricky covering of newly emerging carrots against carrot fly.  Fortunately I had hooped nets for that.

Only required for a while so no great drama.

I also planted some tagetes around the peas – decoys against molluscs!  And planted out some cos lettuce.

Quite enough before it started raining once again!



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