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Misha and I spent yesterday in church – the morning at least. St Andrews Church in Porthill to be precise.

Why were we there? For a book sale organised by Kerry Parsons and the St Andrews team (many thanks to them all). This is a regular event and is mostly a sale of pre-loved books, but also and chance for local writers to sell their wares – namely Misha Herwin, Sue Eaton, John Pye, Alison Lingwood and yours truly.

Books were sold and coffee drunk and it was a fun morning.

I was allocated a space to the left of the Chancel, next to the Easter Garden display, which was a tad disconcerting at first. Being a clumsy clot I was a little concerned about putting my big hooves through it. image001b

Thankfully the garden survived but it reminded me of a family legend from the 1960s concerning my Grancha, Bert Holmes. My Nan had been raised as a strict Welsh Chapel goer but Grancha (to her disgust due to his heathen ways) was not religious in any shape or form, despite his designating specific hymns to whistle for various chores.  When the pair were invited to a family christening in a church (as opposed to Chapel) he jokingly insisted that the place  would fall down the moment he stepped inside. His surprise when he arrived at the church to find the building clad in scaffolding was something the family never allowed him to live down!  I am glad to say no such sight greeted his pagan grandchild… 😊

This is the first of these book sales that I have been able to get to, mostly because it always managed to clash with other things in the calendar, but Misha and I made an effort to keep this Saturday clear – and will hopefully be back for the next one!

I only took half of my available titles and the best sellers of the morning were: Winter Downs : Bunch Courtney Investigation #1  (currently on Kindle at 99p) and Fables & Fabrications

Winter Downs (A Bunch Courtney Investigation Book 1)Fables & Fabrications cover small file

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