What you Need is Friends

Misha Herwin

“Friends help you stick your life back together when it’s falling to pieces.” Is a sentiment I can relate to. Throughout my life my friends have been there for me in the darkest and the best of times.

It’s not surprising then that friendship is a theme in quite a few of my novels, particularly in “Picking up the Pieces”. It plays a huge part too in “The Adventures of Letty Parker,” and so I am not surprised that it features in the latest Poppy and Amelia book, although this time it was Maddy who was the driving force behind the story line.

Right from the beginning she decided that the apprentice witches’ new term at Ashley Park school was going to be disrupted by the arrival of a new pupil. Right from the start, the mysterious Bayonica Duvane is out to cause trouble. Strange things start to happen to…

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