The Hanging Tree (Review)

Excellent review of The Hanging Tree by Misha Herwin!

Barry Lillie

I’ve been reading the Hanging Tree by Misha Herwin, the latest in the Adventures of Letty Parker series set in Bristol, where ‘Dark Ones’ hide in shadows, dragons spread gossip and pockets can be picked faster than an Olympic gold medal winning runner.

Here’s my review:

How do you write a review about a book you’ve loved and just finished reading without giving away too much, so I’ll promise no spoilers. Having just finished reading the fourth book in the Letty Parker series I’m already hoping for a fifth. My concern for authors who write a series is that they’ll run out of steam and the next installment will be a pale imitation of the one before – not here thankfully. The Hanging Tree is a vibrant tale, full of twists and turns and an excellent follow on from Island of Fear, so much so the narrative skips back to…

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