Courtyard Garden #lemons @mishaherwin @BarryLillie1

DSC_2053I took a cutting from my lemon tree way back when and several times have wondered if it would survive as it lost most of its leaves quite quickly.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the single-leafed stick had a root protruding from the base of the pot and duly moved it to a larger home.

As with the mother lemon it has been sitting on the courtyard table – soaking up all of this lovely sun and today I noticed that it has not just one but four clusters of flower buds!

Still only one leaf… but small steps 🙂

Of course it is far too little to bear fruit so I shall pick them off once they have flowered, but so thrilled to get flowers so quickly from a cutting!

I also took cuttings a few weeks back from Misha’s Kumquat tree. Two went brown and died quite quickly and the third lost its leaves but remained still green. I feared for its life after little Lucy picked it from the pot to show me, but I shoved it back in the soil and hoped for the best. I think I can detect leaf nodes developing along the stick so I have put into the great outdoors with its fellow citrus plants to see if it benefits in the same way (fingers crossed).

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