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Reiki-Power-Symbol-Cho-Ku-Rei-232x300There are many ways that writers come across inspiration. Having studied mediation and writing workshop techniques I can vouch for many of them. Some people indulge in walking meditation. Others take auto-writing – the taking up or a pen or keyboard for a set time and writing quite literally whatever comes into their head as a catalyst. In the same vein key words or phrases as a spark are often a favourite. Keeping notebooks full of snatches of overheard conversation or headlines in newspapers or magazines can be a great source of impetus.

I like to take snippets of ideas from any of those and brainstorm them, bouncing ideas off of others because vocalising my ideas helps me to crystalise those thoughts. Those who know me will vouch for the fact that vocalisation is my forte. Getting me to shut up is the hard part!

Yesterday it was noise of a different kind that sparked a thread – or rather took a knotted bundle of threads and picked strands into order.

scannerI’ve had a few MRI scans over the years and they hold no fears for me (yesterdays was to fathom the depths of my gammy knee).  The out patients dept at Stafford Hospital – and specifically the corridors leading to the  xray section – are deserted on a Saturday.  I did not see a soul until I reached their doors, which rather set the mood for the macabre.
Ah, you are thinking, its a medical setting that inspired fresh thinking!  But not so.
progThere are already those who claim I am a little odd but I personally find the variably rhythmic thumping of an MRI scanner to be quite mesmerising.  I couldn’t help feeling yesterday I’d heard similar on a few prog rock back in the day – and as it turns out as inspirational. 
Laid out in that sterile room, musing on my current crime fiction WIP for half an hour,  I spotted a new thread that sorts the hiatus that I had suffered for the past few days.

You just never know where inspiration for these things will come from, but I am always grateful when it does.

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