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DSC_1910We DSC_1907now have a greenhouse. Old, small and slightly battered, but a greenhouse nevertheless! Last year’s tomato crop in a plastic ‘tomato greenhouse’ was a disaster so this will be a boon (I hope).  Much juggling was required to get the glass in, something like a jigsaw with no picture and half the pieces missing.  We are nine panes of glass short but had three sheets of plastic glazing left by a previous tenant and that, along with some poly tunnel sheeting, has filled the gaps so it is now useable.

DSC_1911There was a delivery of used pallets at the plot and Peter knocked up a quick cold frame for hardening off young plants. Except that the forecast for the coming weekend is snow… and as my plants have been raised indoors I rather think keeping them back until next week when it warms up again would be a good move.

DSC_1891Yesterday, while is was still warm, I potted on the courgettes (2 types), pumpkins, outdoor cucumbers and winter squash. 

As always I have rather more plants than I need but I am allowing for both non-thrivers and for some swapsies with other gardeners. 

These are all awaiting transport to the allotment when the weather settles.

DSC_1896I also have cucamelons! 

Not something I have tried before but they sound like fun! They are still rather small so I shall bring those on a little more first. I shall be interested to see how those go.  The tomatoes are likewise all rather little to pot in as yet, and I have some Ailsa Craig seeds still to start. 

DSC_1837Our eight raised beds are all properly filled now as we invested in some top soil, and I have planted out onion sets, which I started off in trays and which were romping away so could not wait any longer, and a row of shallots. I found three garlic bulbs in the shed which were sprouting, so broke those apart and planted those. One bed filled and seven to go. 

I  have also started runners and french beans in trays – something I always do because I like to give them a fighting chance against the molluscs and mice!  Mange tout still to plant.

This year I have also decided to try starting carrots off in cells. Never had a lot of luck with sowing direct sow and it will be interesting to see if they thrive. 




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