Courtyard Garden : Friend or Foe #courtyardgarden #gardening @BarryLillie1 @KTScribbles @Mishaherwin

I have a blueberry plant that I have tried to nurture for a couple of years but this year I think may be the end. I bought two of them a few years back and thought the other blueberry is thriving so I am looking at this second sorry specimen and thinking its days really are numbered!

The only reason I hesitate to hoik it out and dump it is that in the same pot there is an unidentified item that appears to be doing terribly well – and I have no idea what it is. Well perhaps that is not quite true, but here’s the thing…

One of my bad habits in the garden is to stick a twig/branch that has snapped off of an existing plant or shrub into the side of a larger (occupied) pot as an impromptu cutting and promptly forget about it.

This is fine when its something easily identified but less simple when it rears its head in the following season and you stand looking at it wondering what the hell it is. To make things odder still one stem is green and the other red.

That identification can be made more difficult when you have interlopers self-seeding and thriving and I think this is the case with my mystery plant. I have a notion that it is a self-seeded willow which has no place in a teeny garden such as this.

Thoughts anyone?

Friend of foe?

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