Flour : A Comprehensive Guide – a Book review #glutenfree #cooking #baking @effjayem @BarryLillie1 @tottielimejuice @mishaherwin

I have just received Flour : A Comprehensive Guide by Christine McFadden in the post (Something I spotted in the latest Postscript book catalogue.)

This is a fascinating book on the origins and uses of many kinds of flours, along with acceptable recipes for their use. By acceptable I mean recipes for the kind of things people eat including savoury pies and pizzas as well as such delights as pear tart, choc brownies, shortbread and so forth. Most recipes have colour illustrations from photographer Mike Cooper.

I am definitely going to to give both the cornstarch shortbread and the polenta bread a try!

As one might expect there is a short section aimed at the Gluten Free variants, but this book also includes many standard wheats and other ancient grains.

Each entry does stipulate whether it is gluten free or not.

The one entry that made me chuckle was the entry for Cricket Flour – let that one sink in for a bit… I think it may be a while before I get adventurous enough to give that a try – and obviously not something for the vegans in our lives – but interesting reading nevertheless.

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