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Hot off the press – the cover reveal for The Return of Sherlock Holmes: Further Extraordinary Tales of the Famous Sleuth, Mango Press, August 2021

Another fabulous anthology edited by the excellent Maxim Jakubowski!

“Revisit Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legacy. Sherlock Holmes and Watson have been household names and icons for generations. In this new anthology by Maxim Jakubowski, you can read all about the dynamic duo in a new light. From brand new stories, to deeper looks into famous Sherlock Holmes cases, you’ll fall in love with these short detective stories.”

Includes fiction from: Lavie Tidhar, Mathew Booth, Beth Vincent, Rose Biggin, Mark Mower, O’Neil de Noux, Catherine Lundoff, Keith Moray, Natching T Kassa, Jon Courtney Grimwood,  Jan Edwards and David Stuart Davies.


My own humble contribution to The Return of Sherlock Holmes is ‘The Case of the Waterguard’.

Waterguard will be my sixth Sherlock Holmes story across various anthologies, and as always it was a blast to write! There is something very exciting about being involved in the huge extended world of The Great Detective.

Being a little bit of a nerd the research can take me a while – not helped by the fact that Conan Doyle himself introduced quite a few inconsistencies into his own canon – but that can be as much a blessing as frustration.

Can’t wait to see the book in the flesh but meanwhile people can catch up with the previous volume from 2020:

The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories (which includes my story ‘The Case of the Missing Sister’ 🙂  )



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