Courtyard Garden : Tulbaghia or Society Garlic #courtyardgarden #plants @mishaherwin @BarryLillie1

紫嬌花-2.jpgLast week (27th oct) a friend sent me some rhizomes in the post. Despite being dispatched 1st class (and due to covid at the local sorting office) they did not arrive until today (5th nov).

I feared the worst but, apart from a strong smell, the plants seemed to have survived.

Tulbaghia violacea, known as society garlic, pink agapanthus, wild garlic, sweet garlic. It is a species of Amaryllidaceae, indigenous to southern Africa,

Tulbaghia  grows as  a clump-forming, bulbous or rhizomatous perennial with narrow leaves and large clusters of fragrant, violet flowers from midsummer to autumn.  It has with linear, onion-scented leaves. Grows to 60 cm (24 in) tall by 25 cm (10 in) wide.

In the UK  this plant require some protection from winter frosts. It likes full sun and a sandy well drained soil.

In its native South Africa the leaves are eaten as a substitute for chives and garlic. Or even as a leaf vegetable like spinach or for seasoning meat and potatoes. Tulbaghia violacea is also used locally as a herbal remedy/medicine to treat several ailments.

To some people it can smell like marijuana and there have been instances in which concerned neighbours have contacted the authorities about the smell of cannabis only to find out that the culprit was actually society garlic.

My plants are now potted up and ensconced in the unheated conservatory

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