“The White Witch of Devil’s End” Film Accolades! #drwho #indiefilm @debjbennett @SamanthaLHowe @limeybastard55

A while ago I wrote a section of monologue for a Reeltime Pictures in the film project “The White Witch of Devil’s End”,  which is based on the BBC TV programme The Daemons.

“The White Witch of Devil’s End”  stars Damaris Hayden, directed by Keith Barnfather and written by Suzanne Barbieri, Debbie Bennett, Jan Edwards, David J Howe, Raven Dane and Samanatha Lee Howe (see poster pic for full cast and crew) and is available in Multi region DVD and Blu-Ray.

Since its release “The White Witch of Devil’s End” has been gathering notice from various film festivals around the world.

Most recently garnered awards are at The Moody Crab Film Festival  for Best Monologue and Best Title Song (Linzi Gold) and the medals arrived this week!

“The White Witch of Devil’s End”  has also been Officially Selected by five more festivals: Semi-Finalist at Best Director Award Festival and Finalist at two more both The Monologues & Poetry International Film Festival and 4TH  Dimension Independent Film Festival

Director, Keith Barnfather, tells me we are still awaiting results from these, plus two more festivals yet to make announcements.

The most wonderful comment came from the organiser of The Monologues & Poetry International Film Festival, a festival dedicated to the art of monologues, who said, “The concept for your (Reeltime) series is so unique, you might just talk about how that came about, what was involved in the set development, how the stories were developed, etc. even how you came to select your lead character, she is fantastic.”

The festival, which does a great deal of work with children, has chosen Episode 3 “The Cat Who Walks Through Worlds” by Debbie Bennett to screen at the festival later this year … good luck to Debbie and well done!

“The White Witch of Devil’s End” is also available as an anthology from Telos Books

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