(Ear)Ringing the Changes #blogging #jewelry @mishaherwin @chataboutbooks1 @SamanthaLHowe

Chatting with my pal Misha a few days ago we both commented on how Covid and the wearing of masks had made one change that on the surface is practical and even automatic, yet has unwitting consequences.

Earrings. A good half, perhaps more, of the people who read my blog will know exactly what I am saying!

There are many reasons why we acquire jewelry beyond the fact that we think it pretty. Not necessarily because they are expensive but because they mean something to us in some way. Perhaps we bought them because we liked the style. More often in my case they were a gift from family or friend. A reminder of a holiday or event. Possibly even passed on as an heirloom.

I would hazard a guess that the putting masks on and off can (and has) resulted in the loss of many, many, precious pieces. So we just stop wearing them for fear of losing them in a shop doorway as we struggle in and out, and with the onset of cold weather, requiring hats and scarves, that hazard will only increase.

But what happens when we don’t wear earings? The holes close up. I decided that I needed to put in some stud earrings to stop that happening – yet most of my earrings have hook fittings, or are ‘danglies’ (which are a big hazard with those masks!).

When we went into town yesterday the ‘hippy’ shop where I was sure I would get some silver studs was closed. The first jewellers window that I looked into only had the ‘blingy’ faux diamond-studded variety – and the only other shop had four people waiting outside to be served. It was too cold and wet to hang around until the queue went down.

So I came home and had another root through my jewel box and… tada!

One pair of silver studs that were handmade for me a long while ago by my talented artist friend Sue Burns. They have a hammered finish and decent shanks (so many silver earrings have very thin wire fittings), and are simply perfect!

Job done!

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