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Misha Herwin

Salvador Dali Melting Clocks

Sunday morning, the sun is shining and there’s a bite in the air. Walking down the hill I am struck by the sudden idea of popping into church for mass. It’s not something I’ve done for years but the thought is there accompanied by a vivid image of my local church. Built in 1834 it is a dark, squarish building strangely at odds with the Victorian buildings and redbrick terraces around it. Of course it only takes a moment to realise that this is not possible. If there is any service at all it will be only for a few socially distanced parishioners and they will probably have booked their places in advance.

So Sunday is no longer a day of worship. It’s no different from the rest of the week, but what makes today even stranger that unlike every other weekend since the easing of lockdown, there is no…

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