Courtyard Garden : flowering freely #courtyardgarden

Our predecessors here at the Courtyard did not leave much of anything but there is one glorious rose that is currently flowering its heart out!

I don’t know the variety but this salmon pink beauty with cold cream scent is a pleasure.

There are two other roses in the front courtyard but this is easily my favourite.


This week I nabbed a peony in Trentham this week.  At £5 instead of £13 it was a bargain I could not ignore! An open variety named White Wings. It is, not surprisingly, white with yellow stamens. It is healed into a temporary pot until I have hacked out the cosmos when they finish flowering.

And dare I mention cosmos? Hah!  Because of lockdown back in the spring and not knowing if we would get out to buy bedding plants  I sowed a packet seeds that were free on a gardening magazine cover – they have gone berserk!

Yes they are pretty – but are now more than 6ft high!  And this despite my giving them the recommended ‘chelsea crop’ to limit growth.

The picture shows then after I had thinned the plants at the edge, which were ‘leaning’ all over established perennials  despite cropping and staking.

An oddment in the mix is this hibiscus. It starts late and puts on loads of leaf but never produces the red blooms it had when bought. I suspect this is because despite relatively mild winters of late it is too cold for them here.  But as  I don’t have room for such a large pot in shed or conservatory I have no  choice but to leave it outside. I shall give it one more summer and if it doesn’t thrive it is fore the chop!

You might note at the bottom of the picture is a pot of will Aganpanthus that also failed to flower this summer for the first time since I bought it ten years ago.  IT may be that it has just come to the end of its natural span, of just not happy in the pot.  I shall put in into the border once those cosmos have gone and see what happens!



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