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Autumn is approaching fast – 22nd September is not far away – and the glory that is autumn foliage.  Outside of the Courtyard I recently noticed two trees for different reasons.

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant and outdoorA pair of beeches (?) in the hospital grounds that was rapidly turning gold as September goes its merry way,

And the a tree in the local high street that I had never noticed before now to be a ginko. Possibly because its leaves a dark green, whereas my own ginko tree has citrus green foliage.


Elsewhere I have  a new tree has taken up residences in various courtyard pots this year. Namely a Bush Cherry (left) has entered the arena – listed as a high yield cherry that is suitable for containers.

Time will tell whether this is the case as the peach and pear trees (right) I was sold under similar guise have had mixed results, despite regular feeding and watering through the seasons.

The peach failed to fruit at all in its second year here and the pear gave up 3 tiny, scabby, fruits that were not edilble. They have one more year before they are relegated to the allotment. I am starting to have serious doubts about the claims by sellers that these trees ever truly thrive in ‘captivity’. That said our doughty fig, which has been in various pots since I first bought it in the TLC corner of a small garden centre in Birmingham some 12 years ago, produced a bumper crop this year – so perhaps it is the specimens I am being sold? Perhaps they just need more time.

We repotted a Pieris that grows in the corner between our bay window and cables going up the walls between us and next door’s fence. I am not a fan of the flame tree in general but it is evergreen and has both flowers and colourful foliage at various times of the year, not to mention being tough as old boots, so as a shrub to cover those cables it has its uses.

I didn’t waste a good clay pot on it but re-used an old terracotta coloured plastic pot, which will vanish from view once the pieris gets established once more.

Other trees/shrubs of note in the courtyard garden:
Our Medlar tree was only planted last year but is loaded with fruit.

Branches are drooping to the ground under the weight of the bumper crop (looks sternly toward my pear and peach tree).

I have never cooked with medlars but looks as if I shall get the chance this year to try medlar jam or chutney.

Oddly the tree is also developing blossom, which seems odd in September. I can only put that down to our weird weather patterns of late.



We have a Beauty Bush (Callicarpa) which was bought on a whim from a supermarket and planted out into the front border late last summer. But  come winter it looked distinctly odd/out of place. Perhaps it was its purple fruits that do seem quite unnatural. Almost as if someone has stuck little Plasticine balls along its twigs.

But I was loathe to throw out a perfectly good shrub so I potted it up and stuck it behind the bird bath. It has given thanks and thrived, now being twice the height it was when purchased. This week it was upgraded to a larger pot.

The foliage is turning a lovely shade of pink in readiness for autumn and has many little green berries, which will ripen for the winter. Ignore the petunias in the photo – also grown from seed this year and far taller than one might expect!

Trees readying for autumn – always a good time if year!






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