Listed Dead Book Launch (Competition Answers!) #newbook #crimefiction @penkhullpress @bunchcourtney00

Last night’s online launch of Listed Dead was brilliant. There was a lot of lively chat about – among other things – cars, dogs,horses and gas masks!

We also had the final day for entries to the competitions!

Day 1/ The first comp had no question – all you had to do was sign up for my newsletter via the link  HERE
There will be more offers and exclusives to come via the Newsletter so make sure you are signed in have first shot at winning!

Day 2/ What is Bunch’s real name? 
Answer: Rose – aka the Honourable Rose Courtney.
Our sleuth gained the family nickname of Bunch from her father who often refers to her as Rose Bunch!

Day 3/ How many books in the Bunch Courtney Investigation series?
Answer: There are 3 books so far in the series (with more to come!)

Day 4/ In what year does Listed Dead take place?
Answer: 1940.
The previous books Winter Downs and In Her Defence are also set in 1940, but the fourth book in the series, A Case of Murder, (scheduled for 2021) will move forward to 1941!

All of the lucky winners are being contacted as I writer and will receive a signed copy of Listed Dead!

Thanks to all those who entered to competition and to all those who dropped by at the launch party. (Bev. next time I shall make sure I make tick that public event box 🙂 )

For a list of suggested links to buy/order a copy of  Listed Dead  go HERE

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