Jill’s Book Cafe Publication Day shout out for Listed Dead by Jan Edwards @Jancoledwards

Publication Day shout out for Listed Dead on Jill’s Book Cafe

Jill's Book Cafe

Delighted to say ‘Happy Publication Day’ to Jan Edwards on the release of  Listed Dead the third in her Bunch Courtney Investigation series.

listed dead

The series, based in the heart of the Sussex Downs, features Rose ‘Bunch’ Courtney and Chief Inspector William Wright. Their investigating exploits all take place during the turbulent years of WW2. Setting her crime novels in the 1940’s has meant a huge amount of research. Not only in reading around the subject, but also fact checking dates and historical events. Thankfully, while research is time consuming it’s something that Jan enjoys though she does admit,

I do try to keep my research in regard to history as accurate as is possible but I am fallible, and also on occasion play a little fast and loose where the stories seem to need it.

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