Weighty Matters #health

Our government is exhorting us all to *get fit* and *lose weight* and I do try. But I also struggle with my weight. It is well known that gets no easier as you grow older, especially for women.

Anyone who knew me back in the day will tell you I was a skinny kid. My father made jokes about it, telling people I had to “run around in the shower to get wet.” But somehow my muscle and fat caught up with my heavy bones (wrist measurement 8 inches) and I struggle to get back to the weight I should be by every measure known.

Lockdown put paid to a great deal of our walking activities. Then an over enthusiastic bout of gardening at the allotment resulted in bursitis, meaning that I could not bend my left knee for almost two months, so even my sporadic Wii Yoga exertions came to a halt.

Imagine my surprise – nay shock – when I dug out the Wii this morning and weighed in 5lb (2.25kg) —  5lbs!!!! — lighter than I was 3 months back!

My immediate thought was “I’ve lost 5lbs? Where the hell from?” Especially as the bathroom scales have been telling me a very different story.

My next thought was to get off the Wii board smartish,  before the reading changed!

I have no doubt the next time I dare to step on that Wii it will tell me I have put on 10lbs (ish – cough), but just for today?

I have lost 5lbs!


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