Courtyard Garden : Bees and Cuttings #beehotels #wildlifegardens

The Cherry Plum in the front garden is once more getting out of hand. Nothing beneath its canopy – which is extensive! – gets so much as a dribble of rain.  So, armed with an electric pruner, Peter took off 3 large branches.

We would have taken more but that was as much as we could fit in the council garden waste bin for next week!

Of course the regs for our garden waste is that no logs are to be placed in the bins. But that is not a problem.

The garden is always full of various solitary bees and it seemed like a good time to try out hand at some bee hotels.

Having cut up all of the foliage branches and crammed it into the bin Peter cut the logs into suitable lengths and drilled holes of various sizes into the ends.

We then stacked the pieces under the spotted laurel and await the arrival of our bees hotels’ new tenants!

Meanwhile, a few feet from the laurel I noted that two mop-head hydrangeas had come into flower.

Now the roots of these two plants are literally a foot apart, and over the past two seasons these have both been pink.

This year, for some reason best know to itself because we have done nothing to it, the PH of the soil has changed and one of them has bloomed in a delicate blue!

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