Winter Downs for £2.95 and other updates #bunchcourtney #bookdeals #crimefiction

I see this morning (29th June) that Winter Downs – the first Bunch Courtney Investigation – is on offer at Amazon UK for both the princely sum of £2.95!  and £4.79.  Quite how there are two prices, I am not sure – but both are a bargain in any language!  If you have not read it yet and want to get in on Bunch’s exploits before the next round then now is the time! These deals with Amazon seldom  last long sop hurry!

In other news

Listed Dead : Bunch Courtney Investigation #3 paperback edition is available for pre-order! (the kindle and other digi formats will be available on publication day 6th August)

In Her Defence : Bunch Courtney Investigation #2 has returned to its usual price in paperback and kindle.

My folk horror novella A Small Thing For Yolanda has had some great reviews and at 99p on kindle is surely worth a look.

The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors 2 has also had some rather fabulous reviews. Do give it a try!






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