Courtyard Gardener’s Allotment : Bees! #courtyardgarden #gardening


Nature Picture Library Illustration of British bumblebees (Bombus ...

I like bees in general and am always fascinated by the variety of solitary bees that visit the Courtyard Garden.

We also get honey bees, mainly I suspect, because there are two plot holders who keep bees at our allotment site just two streets away. This I am happy about because if there is one thing an allotment holder needs its bees on tap, or we would never have any produce.

During the week – and for the second time this month – bees on the allotment site swarmed and settled in my plot. Quite exciting, and fascinating to watch as the keeper placed a bee box behind the espalier apple tree where the swarm had gathered and coaxed the queen inside. It would, he told me, take a while for the whole swarm to follow.

Good job we’d cleared that side of the apples and put down a bark path or he’d never have managed it.

This did mean that having put up the frames earlier in the week I had to postpone putting the nets over the currants. But I can do that another day. Small price to pay for watching nature in all its glory.


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