Courtyard Garden : More Pots #Courtyardgarden @debbiebennett

Two of my container shrubs were already in dire need of repotting before lockdown occurred. With garden centres finally opening we finally managed to obtain two suitable pots.

First was the lollipop lavender given me by one of my oldest friends, Debbie, when we first moved here as a house warming gift. The before picture was taken last May, and as you can see even then it was somewhat large for the pot it was in.

When we removed it from the old pot the root ball was solid! Yes Lavender is known to thrive on poor soil but wonder the poor thing survived!

Repotted, it looks a little better proportioned and has root space at last.

The base of the plant, however, was looking a little bedraggled. Yes lavenders have a habit of sprouting spindly legs and are possible not suited for long term topiary use but consulting the books told me that reducing the new growth at this time of year will encourage it to sprout anew, and though it will not grow new shoots on the old wood, should bush out sufficiently to cover the bare patches. That being the case a hair cut was in order.

The trimmings smelt wonderful so I laid them out on the garden table to dry as a pot-pouri for the winter to come.

It will be interesting to see how it looks in a few weeks time!



The second thing in need of room was a weeping acer. This is one of the few plants left by our predecessor that was worth salvaging. The poor thing had been shoved into the middle of a border, crowded from both sides by thuggish perennials and looked very sorry for itself.

It has come on well since then. So well that the roots had started to come out of the base of the pot – which was always a little small but the only one I had spare at the time.

We re-potted the Ginko from the plastic pot shown above into a terracotta pot last year and thought that having a similar pot for the acer would be a plan.

Here is the newly potted acer! Somewhat different to when we first rescued it.  The two pots together look rather good I think.

The next job will be to give the acer a little trim so that the straggling branches don’t sweep the ground!

As I didn’t buy this acer I don’t know the variety but think it may be Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Green Threadleaf’.







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