Review : Gamble by Anita Waller

The very idea of death had not crossed their minds  when two tearaways, Graham Andrews and Kenny West, set out to burgle the house of an aged neighbour. But it all went terribly wrong when the old man trips on the stairs and lays dead at their feet. Keeping their part in the man’s death, albeit an accidental part, a secret has trapped them in an irrevocable bond. Or, as West puts it as he drags himself to bed that night, they are now ‘mates for life’.

Decades on, as grown men with sons of their own, West and Andrews have maintained that close friendship until unexpected and violent death resets their fates once again. Their wives are both working the same shift at a local bookmakers when an armed raid ends in their deaths and that shared bond is about to be stretched to breaking point.

Revenge is uppermost in both their minds and they intend to take it in a very personal way regardless, or perhaps in spite of, the Police investigations.

I can say no more without spoilers, and that would be a shame. Gamble runs the whole gamut of emotions from love and hate to revenge via jealousy, greed and ultimately a psychotic plot of gruesome intricacy where history seems doomed to repeat itself, that will keep you guessing right to the very end.

I have not read any of Anita Waller’s books before now, but I shall certainly remedy that very soon. Excellent book, Recommended. Publication 25th May

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