Come Back Poem – Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

Me at seven Yesterday’s picture

Asked to write a poem about what she would take back from her time in lockdown, Maddy wrote:

Come back with sugary shortbread

Come back with dangerous dens

Come back with awesome art.

Come back with tremendous talks

Come back with bizarre books

Come back with cool cubes.

Come back with lots of sleep

Come back with wonderous windows

Come back with sun filled meadows.

Come back with refreshing puddles

Come back with rocky road

Come back with happiness.

Her list made me think about what it’s been like for the past seventy-one days and what I’d come back with when it was all over.

If we hadn’t had the sadness of Mum’s death and not being able to mourn her together as a family, then I would say that so far things haven’t been too bad.

They have, however, been very different. I’m not going to write…

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