A Green City

Misha Herwin

High School Trees2

Woke at four thirty, got up at five and was out on my walk by six. As the days have gone by I no longer plan where I’m going to go, I let myself feel where I want to be and today I had to go to the playground by the High School. To call this long thin piece of green a playground is something of a misnomer. What exactly to call it, I’m not sure. It’s not quite a park, because there is not a lot of grass and no flowerbeds. There are swings and climbing frames, all neatly fenced in, and trees−big old trees and it was these I had the need to visit. Just standing among them made me feel calm and a little more hopeful, or at least less anxious.

In Japan they call this forest bathing. It cleans the soul and soothes the spirit and…

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