Courtyard Garden : More Frontage #plants #courtyardgarden

We took advantage of the sun yesterday – even though it was not nearly as warm in Norths Staffs as the weather-bods had promised in that wind!

Peter laid down membrane and edged it with chunks of stone from around the garden. Our predecessors, or one of them, had obtained a load of natural stone, which was scattered around the place and we have finally used the last of it.   (There were also a fair few chunks of concrete but we took this to the tip last autumn!)

The border to the right of the path has been widened and though it is a little sparce right now I have cosmos and petunia seedlings growing in trays ready to plant out in a month or so.

We also added a potted cordyline that has been cluttering a border in the rear courtyard on the bark path as a focal point, and to balance the larger version on the other side of the front path. At some point we shall get a birdbath but it looks fine for now.

So, annual bedding plants aside, that is the front finished.  No more grass to mow, a silly amount that only took 10 minutes to mow but longer to get out the equipment, clean it and and put it away again, and easy maintenance.

In true cottage garden style we have made use of what is to hand, only buying the ‘stone’ circle, a roll of membrane and some bags of bark. It may not be Chelsea garden standard but it suits us.

As things stand, though we cannot get out to garden centres many of the local garden centres will deliver. We got the bark and some other garden requirements from Garners over at Silverdale. Very efficient and to be recommended.


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